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2 Pcs MUHWA 24 Places Microscope Slides Staining Rack and Jar, Gray/ White, Polypropylene

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Used for soaking different reagents on slide staining rack. No pollution, convenient, firm and reusable.

Material :Polypropylene.

Suit: 25*76mm (1''*3'') sides.

Capacity: 24 place Plastic Microscope Slides staining Rack.
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Suitable for placing and storing microscope slides, accept both the microscope slides in dimensions of 75.0mm×25.0mm with thickness from 0.8mm to 1.2mm and also the microscope slides of 76.0mm× 26.0mm×(0.8-1.2)mm on the market There is a flat cap with four sides protruding above the cylinder to match the upper edge of the cylinder to prevent dust pollution