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MUHWA 72 Rolls Autoclave Tape Steam Indicator Tape Sterilization Indicator Tape, Width -1.25cm(1/2")

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Package: 72* Sterilization Indicator Tape. Cut the appropriate length of the indicator tape and paste it on the items to be sterilized Put it in a steam autoclave at 121℃ for 20 minutes, or put it in Pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer at 132℃~134℃ for 4~6 minutes, observe the indicator on the indicator tape Change from yellow to black, indicating the completion of the sterilization process. 12.5mm x 50m.

This tape is for use in autoclave and will seal autoclave bags, tubing, pouches and CSR wraps.

The tape will indicate when sterile conditions have been attained. Extra tacky tape to fix on all types of paper and plastic.