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MUHWA 150ml Glass Alcohol Burner Alcohol Burner Lamp Glass Lab Equipment Heating 250ml

Capacity: 150ml/250ml

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  • Fill the burner to between ½ and ⅔ full in the fumehood away from open flame using a funnel of appropriate size.
  • Light the burner at this location only using matches or a barbecue lighter. Do not attempt to light the burner from another lit burner or carry a lit burner to another location. Never refill fuel to a burning alcohol lamp
  • Extinguish the burner flame with the burner cap. When not in use, store the cupped and cooled burner in the flammable storage cabinet.
  • Typical fuel is denatured alcohol.A cap is used as a snuffer for extinguishing the flame. According to the fire triangle rule, fire can be created by 3 components which are oxygen, heat, and fuel if we cut one of them the fire will be extinguished.
  • Capacity: 150ml/250ml are avaliable