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LAB Plastic Ice Box PCR Centrifuge Tube Storage Rack Laboratory Supplies Lab Tube Rack

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SKU: -34 holes round type ice box-A001081

Name: ice box

Material:PP, can be autoclavable


1. 34 holes round type ice box:

Two apertures,12mm big holes (22 places), fit for 1.5-2ml microtube; 9mm small holes (12 places), fit for 0.5ml microtube.

2. 96 holes ice box: 6mm, suitable for 0.2ml PCR tubes

3. 38 holes ice box: Two apertures,11mm big holes (24 places), fit for 1.5-2ml microtube; 8.5mm small holes(14 places), fit for 0.5ml microtube.

Usage: It's a biological lab ice treatment tool. Without any other auxiliary reagent, the ice box stored at -20 ℃ can be directly inserted into the centrifuge tube after being taken out of the room temperature. The centrifuge tube can be kept at a uniform low temperature of about 0℃ for 2-4 hours. It can be reused for high temperature sterilization.

  1. Before use, put the ice box into -20 degrees Celsius for 12-24 hours
  2. 2. When using, take out the ice box from the -20 refrigerator, and insert the microcentrifuge tube containing the reagents into the corresponding holes. If you need to do PCR experiments, you can put the microtube containing the enzyme on the ice box for operation.
  3. The total usage time is no more than 4 hours