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90mm Weighing Paper 5000 Sheets, Non-Absorbing, High-Gloss

90mm*90mm, 10 Packs * 500 Sheets/ Pack

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  • Product Name: Weighing Paper;
  • Quantity: 5000 sheets;
  • Size: 90mm*90mm
  • ,High gloss, milk-white cellulose paper is semi-opaque, no dust, no adhesion, non-absorbent, and nitrogen-free.
  • Surface texture resists tearing during quadrant folding or enveloping and increases abrasion durability during spatula scraping.
  • For analytical balances, each weiging paper is sufficient strong to support sample, smooth textured to avoid trapping material, does not absorb moistur without any glue or additives.
  • 【Wide Application】- Weighing paper conveys powder or gelatinous paste samples to and from balances and other equipment. It is widely perfect for the laboratory or classroom.