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50 Well Orange /Blue Centrifuge Tube Rack for 10ml/15ml/50ml(Two Packs) (Orange/Blue)

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Weight: 300
Product Name:50-well tube racks.
Material: Plastic
Product Weight : 150g;
Package Weight: 300g;
Package : 1 x Orange Centrifuge Tube Rack+1xBlue Centrifuge Tube Rack.
The max Socket Diameter: 2.9cm(Fit for 50ml centrifuge tubes). The mini Socket Diameter: 1.7cm(Fit for 10ml,15ml centrifuge tubes. The centrifuge tube rack can be disassembled and easily assembled. The centrifuge tube rack after assembly has two layers. Fit for 10ml, 15ml, 50ml centrifuge tubes.