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50 Positions Plastic Test Tube Stand Bracket Rack Detachable Centrifuge Tube Rack

16mm/ 18mm

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Weight: 200
  • Material: Plastic; Weight: 185g
  • Hole diameter 16mm/18mm, 50 holes
  • The test tube rack has three layers, the first layer and the second layer have the same size of the aperture, the aperture size is about 16mm, the third layer has a smaller aperture, and the aperture size is about 9mm. This three-layer design keep the test tube to be more stable.
  • The assembly and disassembly of the test tube rack is also very simple. Each layer has an indicator arrow in one direction, sliding the shelf in from one side, the other side has a small protrusion that stops it, which fits very well.
  • Package: 1* 50 Positions Plastic Test Tube Rack

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