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0.1mm High Precision Diameter 19mm/20.4mm/24mm Ocular Micrometer Microscope Micrometer Cross Microscope Calibration Ruler Slides Eyepiece Micrometer

0.1mm Ocular Micrometer 19mm/24mm -C7

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  • Product Name: 0.1mm Diameter 19mm/20.4mm/24mm Ocular micrometer
  • Div.x: 0.1mm;y: 0.1mm,10mm/100
  • MH-C7 ocular micrometer is used in place of the standard eyepiece of the microscope. There are two crossed rulers inside the eyepiece micrometer. Each ruler is 10mm long and is divided into 100 cells. Each division is 0.1mm.
  • Material: optical glass, Diameter: 19mm/20.4mm/24mm
  • 20.4mm ocular micrometer specifically for Olympus microscopes